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Huge SMC  Compression Molded parts

Molded Parts

Polyply Composites molding capabilities are limitless. As a materials formulator and a compression molder with large press capacity, we offer a distinct economical and logistical advantage.

Polyply Composites produces parts made by compression molding fiberglass reinforced polyester materials. These thermoset materials contain catalyst which initiates curing under high heat and pressure.

Our company produces parts from SMC (sheet molding compound), BMC (bulk molding compound), and also produces industrial flat sheet laminates.

SMC and BMC parts are produced for a variety of industries. Currently we are manufacturing parts that include laundry tubs, shower basins,structural frames,and a large number of electrical insulating parts.

Because our materials have good dielectric strength and high heat distortion temperatures, they are used in a number of electrical applications. Our resin systems can also be tailored to meet a large number of corrosion applications.


Complex and Contoured

Complex and Contoured Compression Molded Parts


Inserts Molded In

Gpo-3 gpo3 inserts molded into part


Bus supports

gpo-3 bus support

Electrical Insulators

gpo-3 insulators

Electrical Barriers

gpo-3 barriers


Industrial Seating

industrial fiberglass seating

Custom Parts

Compression molded Pool table leg

Tub and Shower

Molded Tub and Shower


Compression Molding

Compression Molded Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic



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